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Culebra has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and the world. Some of these beaches, however, are only accessible by boat. We invite guests to bring their own boat and park at our well maintained and appointed dock. 

You may also use our dock to catch a ride from a water taxi to take you to one of the majestic keys or beaches. We can arrange for a licensed and well-experienced captain to take you to places few people get to enjoy in their lifetime.

Take a moment to step out onto the docks as the daylight comes to an end to catch a spectacular view of the sun setting over Culebra.

Dock Guidelines:

The dock is a place to park your boat. It is not a full-service marina. To guarantee the safety of all, it is important that you observe the following rules if you are arriving by private boat:

  • The captain of the boat must visit our office to register the boat. The captain must be a guest of the Hostal Casa Culebra. If you have a hired captain, he/she may not sleep on the boat nor bring other crew members.  
  • Due to Culebra’s regulations regarding the island’s coasts and docks, electric lighting is minimal. We do not allow light contamination.  
  • The dock is to be used from 6:00 A.M to 6:30 P.M. Using the dock at any other time entails operating at your own risk.  
  • For your safety, the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the dock is prohibited. 
  • We have treated the dock with anti-slip coatings. Despite this, the dock may still present a slipping hazard, especially with wet feet. Please watch your step. 
  • Do not handle oil, gasoline, or diesel on the dock. 
  • Use of the dock is reserved for our guests with boats that have paid an additional fee. We ask that nobody sleeps on the dock or in the boat. 
  • Use of the dock incurs an additional fee. Please contact the administration with any questions.
  • Do not connect any hoses to the dock sink. 
  • To avoid excessive noise, please turn off your music once your ship is securely docked, additionally the use of generators is prohibited. 
  • To avoid harming people and engines, fishing from the dock is prohibited.  
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the dock.
  • Swimming is not recommended due to the boat traffic.

Dock Amentities

Ice - 10lb. bag - $3, four 10lb. bags - $10

Fish cleaning station

Electricity & water included with dock fee

24 hour camera surveillance